Erotica Authors Wanted

Calling All Erotica Authors! 

Looking for adult erotic eBooks to buy?

  • Are you an erotica author who has had trouble finding a place to sell your work?
  • Does your erotic work routinely get banned from sites because of words taken out of context or for no apparent reason at all?
  • Do you want a cut of the profit better than the industry standard 60/40?
  • Are you just looking for a place to sell erotic ebooks online?

Mall of Erotica wants you!

We're looking for erotica authors of all genres and fetishes to sell their content at Mall of Erotica! Adding a shop is free and easy, and the payout is at a minimum of 68% of the profits of each sale!

We also don't censor you based on your content! As long as you aren't selling child pornography or depictions of beastiality (see our Terms of Use) your fetish has a safe haven at Mall of Erotica.

Here are what authors and publishers have said about Mall of Erotica:

To be perfectly honest, this is the easiest FTP/site I've worked with. Considering A. I don't have to fill out a metadata sheet. B. I don't have to rename everything to fit your site (Apple makes us do some really weird naming) and C. It's a beautiful thing to just be able to pick the files I need from the list in the Add Product file section... so really, this is a dream :) My Graphic Designer said MoE is easier to use than our sites, so trust me, this is phenomenal. It's just going to take some time to enter in all the descriptions and such, but it's so easy, I can do it from home :)

Fiona, Pink Flamingo Publications

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