Frequently-Asked Questions

For Everyone

Q. Why is some of the site underconstruction/missing?

Mall of Erotica is constantly undergoing improvements to make this the best experience for our customers and our shopkeepers. If you come across something that is "under construction" then we've put it there as a teaser to keep you interested.

Q. Who created Mall of Erotica?

Mall of Erotica was created as a labour of love by the mythical NiCheng. Be sure to drop him a line.

Q. Do you employ Digital Rights Management (DRM) on any of your products?

Mall of Erotica does not apply any DRM to the products uploaded.

Q. Why is the entire website using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)?

We respect people's privacy and believe that nobody needs to know what they're looking at online at any point, not just when they're making a purchase. We also don't use any 3rd-party analytics tools (e.g. Google Analytics) for that same reason. We right our own analytics. It isn't hard to do.

For Shoppers

Q. Why do I need an account?

When you purchase products from Mall of Erotica we keep track of them and allow you to come back and download them or review them. Having an account also allows you to participate fully in the Mall of Erotica Community and gives you a voice in determining what site features you'd like to see or products you'd like made.

Q. What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Go to the Contact Us page and drop us a line. We'll answer as soon as possible.

For Shopkeepers

Q. How do does this work?

It's simple: You create electronic erotic content. You open a shop at Mall of Erotica. You define your products and their prices, upload your content and sit back and wait for customers to purchase from you.

Q. How do I upload my products to your site? What program do I use?

Every one of your shops will have its own File Transfer Protocol (FTP) account. You can use whatever FTP software works best for you to upload your products. If you are a Windows™ user, we recommend WinSCP. It's free, open-source, and works great!

Sample media are uploaded through the shopkeeper interface on the product page.

Q. Am I limited to opening only one shop?

Nope! You can open as many shops as you like. This is useful if you're a content provider with many different themes of content and would like to group your themed content together.

Q. What is a discount rate? What's my rate?

The discount rate is the percentage of the sale of each of your products that you earn. makes its money by taking a percentage of each transaction.

When you sign up you start with the current discount rate (presently 68%). However, different shopkeepers may have higher rates depending on several factors such as promotions, strong sales, etc. If you have popular products and make lots of sales, we'll reward you with a higher discount rate. We will also occasionally run short-term promotional rates as a thank-you to all our shopkeepers, as you are what makes this site successful and we love you!

Q. Why is your discount rate higher than most other places?

Mall of Erotica believes that there's more than enough money on the Internet to go around and that since you are the one putting all the work into creating the content you should get most of the profit. We still get a cut, but we don't have to gouge you.

Q. Are there minimum or maximum prices I can set on my products?

Yes. The minimum is $2.99 and the maximum is $499.99. While we would like to not have any minimum price the overhead for taking payments along with our commitment to having one of the highest discount rates online requires us to have a minimum in order to not operate at a loss.

If you really want to sell your product for less than $2.99 we can do so if you don't mind having a smaller discount rate. Contact us for more information.

Q. How and when do I get paid?

Once you've accumulated a minimum amount of money (you can choose from a list of options what that amount is) we will send you your payment via cheque or PayPal™. We process payments on the 15th of each month.

Q. What is Mall Swag?

Mall Swag is Mall of Erotica's achievement and reward system. The more you do on the site, the more swag you earn and the cooler you are compared to everyone else. More swag also gives you a more powerful vote when weighing in on new site features or product requests.

Q. If I have a store on your site can I still sell my products on other sites?

Of course. You remain the owner of the content even if you have a shop here. In fact, we encourage you to set up online stores in as many places as possible; it just gives you more revenue streams and (hopefully) let's you compare to see that we are in fact the best site of our kind out there!

Q. How do referrals work?

If you are a shopkeeper with at least one live shop and know someone else who might want to sell erotica on Mall of Erotica you can use the referral process to invite them to participate. If they sign up and open one or more shops because of your referral you get a 1% commission on their sales forever!

It's a simple forumla: the more shopkeepers you invite, the more content Mall of Erotica will have, the more customers we'll attract and the more money you'll earn from direct sales and referral commission!

What country do you operate out of?

Our parent company operates out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Our servers and payment processors are presently hosted in the United States of America. If you require more detailed contact information for the parent company, please visit the Contact Us page.