Winnipeg Models Wanted - Join the Mall of Erotica Team!

We're looking for talented people in the Winnipeg, Manitoba area to join us in this exciting opportunity!

If you're an adult (18+) who'd like to explore their kinky side, break into the erotica scene, have some fun, and make some money doing it we'd love to help you! We'll take any gender, any kink (as long as it's legal and doesn't violate our Terms of Use), any body type and any age! We want it all!

Fill out our online application form and our talent coordinator Mistress Trish will review your application and get the ball rolling!

Oh hey...if you're interested in the production side of erotica and live in the Winnipeg, Manitoba area and would like to offer your expertise or get experience doing photography, videography, sound, props, etc. drop us a line at mistresstrish and let us know what you can offer us.

Okay, now that we've got the important stuff out of the way, let's answer some questions you might have:

Isn’t what you do immoral/unethical/degrading?
It’s no more unethical than if you donned a bikini and posed for a car or motorcycle advertisement. In those instances they’re trying to sell their product using the fantasy of your body. We’re at least honest about it; the fantasy is the marketing as well as the final product.

As for whether or not appearing in erotica is degrading, that’s more of a subjective question. Some find it empowering, some find it degrading. Some enjoy degradation and have fun making money while experiencing their fetish.

If you’re not into degradation and we ask you to be involved in content that you find degrading then you don’t have to do it and there’ll be no hard feelings, though we will try to compromise to win your participation. If we picked you for something specific it’s because we really wanted you for that role.

Why would I do this?
The first answer most people would give is “for the money”, and that’s a valid response. A lot of women put themselves through university and college by erotic dancing (stripping), and while we have no issues with that we think that online erotica reaches a larger audience and is a lower-risk activity than being naked in a room full of strange people. The best part of producing online content is that you do it once and sell copies indefinitely; you could continue making money long after your initial production.

Another valid answer is “to get started in a career in adult entertainment”. If this is a career path you wish to follow you can use Mall of Erotica as a springboard for your career. We’ll try our best to help you achieve your goals.

However the answer that we ultimately like to give is “for fun and to expand your horizons”. Everyone is unique and we believe that people should be allowed to explore their sexual identity and have fun doing it. Maybe you’re a bit of an exhibitionist. Maybe you like to dress up in leather and spank people. Maybe you just get a rush out of popping balloons.

Of course, trying to explore your fetishes isn’t always easy. Maybe the person you’re in a relationship with doesn’t share your fetishes, or you’re nervous about revealing them and risking rejection. Maybe you’re uncomfortable about trying to find people in the real world that share your fetish. Maybe you have a fetish like “having sex with a tentacled alien creature from another galaxy” which just doesn’t translate into a real-world encounter very well.

What we’d like to offer is a safe and respectful environment for you to explore and have fun with your fetishes, while at the same time making some money from those who wish to pay to experience it vicariously through you. We don’t judge you or your fetishes and we know that if you like something there are people out there who are willing to pay to see you experience it.

Will I have to appear nude on your site?
Only if you’d like to. There are plenty of fetishes out there that don’t involve nudity. Believe it or not, there’s an entire fetish community centered around people sneezing. No nudity, no sex, just sneezing. Imagine getting paid to sneeze!

There are also a variety of ways to produce sexy videos without explicit nudity. Maybe you just strip down to your underwear (if you’re comfortable with that). Maybe you’re nude, but the way the video/photo is taken, something is obscuring your private areas (think of that scene in Austin Powers where the girl is holding two melons in front of her bare breasts).

Ultimately how much or how little you reveal is completely up to you. We love everyone’s body and want to see everyone’s body, but we respect your right to expose it at your discretion, if ever.

Will I have to show my face? I’d be worried about people recognizing me!
This is up to you. You do not have to if you are worried or uncomfortable.

Even if you don’t want to show your face there are several fetishes where one can wear masks (e.g. erotic superheroine adventures, bondage/sadomasochism, erotic wrestling, etc.) which will hide your identity. There are also fetishes that focus on specific body parts (e.g. feet) where showing one’s face really isn’t a requirement.

It’s interesting to note that the difference between clothed and unclothed can make people look quite different (and maybe not as easily recognized). Just do a Google image search for “Clothed Unclothed” (with Safe Search set to “Off”) and you’ll see what we mean.

Will I have to perform sexual acts?
Only if you want to. The majority of the content we plan to produce will not contain explicit sexual acts. In some cases sexual acts may be simulated.

If you wish to perform explicit sexual acts you are responsible for finding a willing partner with which to perform them. We’re not really into putting two strangers in a room and making them have sex encounters.

I have some hot ideas I’d like to try out. Can I?
You sure can, and we’ll try our best to provide location, costumes, props and additional models/actors as needed.

I’m interested, but I don’t really have a specific fetish I’d like to try. Can I still work with you?
You sure can. We have lots of kinky ideas all our own that we’d love to try out with you, provided you like the idea.

Where do you shoot/film?
Wherever we can get that's appropriate to what we're filming/shooting. We may have to do some guerrilla-style filming/photography to get the shots we want, but that's all part of the fun!

Can my friends come with me to the photoshoot/filming?
We understand that until you're comfortable being around Mall of Erotica staff you may want to have some friends around for your safety/peace of mind. That's fine as long as your friends don't interfere or disrupt the shooting/filming, as we will typically be on a tight time schedule.

How do I make money?
Presently we offer models the majority of profits of each sale of each product they appear in. You'll have an account with Mall of Erotica where you can set the payout threshold (i.e. the minimum amount of money you have to earn before we send you a cheque). The present minimum is $100.00. As the site takes payment in American dollars the amount paid out is American as well, which might suck given that the Candian dollar is doing so well lately.

Is Mistress Trish Really a Woman?
Very much so! Check out her exclusive shop right here at Mall of Erotica, where you can hear a clip from her first femdom audio recording!

Fill out our online application form and help us make hot erotica!