Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions for Mall Of Erotica (referred as "The Website" and "The Service") are in force at all times on MallofErotica.com:

Section A: General Terms and Conditions

  1. This site contains adult material and is available only to users who are of legal age to view adult material in their regions.
  2. Users may not post any content that is considered illegal by the United States of America or the states of Florida and Texas, nor any adult content containing child pornography or bestiality.
  3. Users may only post content which they (a) are the legal copyright holders of, or (b) have written consent of the legal copyright holder to post on the website. In simple terms, if it isn't yours and you don't have permission from the owner, don't post it on the website.
  4. At this time, allowed media types are video files, audio files, eBooks, images and archives (e.g. 'zip' or 'rar') containing multiple images. Executable file types are not permitted.
  5. Attempts to use the system to distribute malicious software such as viruses or trojans is a violation of the Terms of Use.
  6. Attempts to use the service to defraud other users or otherwise misrepresent the website are considered violations of the Terms of Use.
  7. Violation of the Terms of Use may, depending on severity, result in warnings being sent to the user, accounts being banned, funds withheld, or alerting law enforcement.
  8. Mall of Erotica reserves the right to revoke membership and restrict access to anyone at any time, at our discretion.
  9. Mall of Erotica reserves the right to remove or alter any content posted by users at any time for any reason.
  10. For any purchases made on this website your credit card statement will read The National Resource Group, Inc.

Section B: Registered Users (Shoppers)

  1. In order to purchase content from the website, users must register to the website with a valid email address. The website's Privacy Policy can be viewed here.
  2. Users may be allowed to upload images for use as avatars on the site. The subject matter of the avatars follows the same rules as all other content on the website.
  3. Users have the ability to create requests for custom content. Users may not request content that is illegal in the states of Florida, Texas or in the United States of America.
  4. Users may not use the request features to request pirated or illegal content from Shopkeepers and/or other users.
  5. Communication with other users of the website is undertaken at the user's risk and Mall of Erotica will  not be held liable for any damages or injury as a result of interactions between its members.
  6. Products purchased by users cannot be returned or exchanged, and may not be transferred to or shared with third parties. What you purchase is for your use alone and may not be distributed or shown publicly.

Section C: Shopkeepers (Shop Owners)

  1. By opening a shop and selling products, Shopkeepers agree to allow Mall of Erotica to retain a percentage of each sale (presently a maximum of 32%).
  2. All products uploaded by Shopkeepers must not violate any of the acceptible content rules in section A.
  3. Shopkeepers may post content that they have posted on other websites, unless they are bound by an exclusivity agreement with one or more of the other websites.
  4. All content uploaded by the Shopkeeper remains the property of the Shopkeeper. The website and its affiliates assume no liability with respect to uploaded content. The Shopkeeper is free to post their content on any other website, provided that website does not have an exclusivity agreement.
  5. The Shopkeeper must provide a valid mailing address in order to receive disbursement of funds earned through sales of their products or commissions from referrals.
  6. For sales of physical goods (e.g. DVDs) that require shipping, the cost of shipping is to be included in the price of the product; Mall of Erotica does not allow additional shipping costs to be added to items after purchase.
  7. By uploading content to the website, the Shopkeeper consents to allowing Mall of Erotica administrators access to content for the purposes of ensuring the content does not violate the Terms of Use, and (at the administrator's discretion) provide reviews of the product to enhance the content and user experience of the website.
  8. We will endeavour to provide interruption-free service to all our users. However, in the event of systems outages neither Mall of Erotica nor any of its affiliates will be held liable for any loss of income or data as a result.
  9. Payment Details: Payments are made to shopkeepers at the end of each month if the funds earned have reached a minimum threshold amount. Payment methods are currently limited to cheque (check) via postal mail and PayPal™. The minimum threshold amount will be $100.00 USD and will be configurable by the shopkeeper.