Boot Licking Human Furniture Humiliation Pt 2 Mad Tea Party Mistress

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Boot licking human furniture humiliation and objectification for the Cheshire Cat! Mistress Alice torments him for playing tricks in Wonderland!
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Mad Tea Party - Part 2 Boot Licking Human Table Humiliation

The guests have all arrived for my mad tea party, and  I expect the Cheshire cat to be the TABLE! The Mad Hatter has brewed a batch of her special tea in an elaborate silver tea service.

Let's see how long our tomcat can last balancing the tea party on his back... especially once the Mad Hatter and I start to "distract" him in our sexy latex and sky-high fetish boots.

He kisses and licks our boots reverently until disaster strikes! Then he is severely PUNISHED with boot licking, spanking, crops, verbal humiliation and the scalding remains of our beautiful tea... his balls seem especially sensitive and they have a delightful kitty bell attached.

Now we can tell if we are hitting him hard enough by weather or not we can hear the little bells jingle on his balls!

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Price: $5.99 USD
Date Released:2013.03.14
Categories: BDSM, Cosplay, Femdom, Human Furniture, Humiliation, Punishment, Threesome

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