Sissy Masturbation Humiliation Pt 2 Pete The Pantyboy

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Mistress Alice forces Pete the Pantyboy to reveal his secret panty fetish and they masturbate together in vintage lingerie until sissy fills his panties.
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Pete the Pantyboy Part 2

Sissy masturbation humiliation!

Poor Pete didn't know what he was getting into when he agreed to come play dress up with me! He looks so cute in pink chiffon and satin, with layer after layer of ruffled petticoats and frilly panties underneath.

All of these pretty feminine clothes just turn on my naughty little panty wanker more and more and more... his cock bulges so much through the panties that I can't resist revealing it and stroking him off with YET ANOTHER pair of panties!

Now he is wearing three pairs of panties for me. I masturbate in my white satin panties and then force him to wear them on his face. Now he is wearing FOUR PAIRS OF PANTIES. This is more then poor Pete can handle, so I make him gush his sissy juices for me.

I like what a little slut he is for my panties. The world would be a MUCH better place if everyone was as honest with their fetishes as Pete the Panty Boy!

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Price: $6.99 USD
Date Released:2013.03.14
Categories: Femdom, Humiliation

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