Masked Superheroine Foot Worship

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Ice Princess and Wonder Woman take turns tickling and unmasking each other
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In the first scene, the Ice Princess has Wonder Woman tied to a chair - she has erotic plans for her superheroine pal. She slowly unlaces Wonder Womans boots - teasing her as she goes. When she finally has the superheroines naked feet in her hands - she worships them with her mouth - sucking her toes and licking her soles. The final humiliation comes when the Ice Princess strips the superheroine of her mask - peeling it over her head slowly. In the second scene, the Ice Princess has been tied to the bed. Now it's Wonder Womans turn to have her way with the villainess' feet. She slowly strips the boots from the Ice Princess and when she finally has her bare feet in hand - she tickles them like crazy! As her final humiliation, she is determined to unmask the Ice Princess - which she does slowly and thoroughly.


Price: $29.95 USD
Date Released:2012.06.20
Categories: Feet, Storyline, Superheroine, Tickling, Unmasking

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$29.95 USD

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