Scarlet Witch & Invisible Woman

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Two heroines show up for a photoshoot only to be tricked and humiliated
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The Scarlet Witch and Invisible Woman have turned up for a charity photoshoot for a superheroine calander. The Flashmaster in his inimitable fashion has both girls naked and wanking to save their poor pussies in no time even though they are trying to protest vociferously it does them no good. Flashmaster tells them when they wake up they will have no memory of anything but will think they are hookers, dress sleazily and go out and turn tricks to support him.


Price: $29.95 USD
Date Released:2012.07.01
Categories: Masturbation, Nudity, Storyline, Superheroine

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$29.95 USD

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A great 30 minutes of nudity and humiliation featuring hot chicks touching each other and themselves

By NiCheng
A great 30 minutes of nudity and humiliation featuring hot chicks touching each other and themselves!

Two superheroines (played by Nikki Brooks and Cameron Keys) get lured to a superheroine calendar photoshoot by a male photographer. After a little bit of banter at the beginning and some basic poses, the girls are lulled into a false sense of security and told to look carefully into the flash. What they don't realize of course is that each flash is putting them deeper and deeper into a trance. A final "special" flash puts them into an aroused and semi-hypnotic state. Now the fun begins.

The photographer reveals himself to be the infamous Flashmaster and has them pose while they touch their bodies and comment on how soft their skin is. Posing fully dressed is short lived and quickly followed by making them disrobe each other, starting with Invisible Woman taking off Scarlet's cape. Scarlet's top comes off next, revealing very perky small tits. She returns the favour exposing Invisible Woman's tanlined and much larger breasts. The girls stretch and pose and then proceed to fondle each other while the Flashmaster continues snapping pictures.

The Flashmaster allows them brief periods of lucidity, allowing the girls to act ashamed and embarassed, but unable to stop fondling each other while yelling at the Flashmaster. They are quickly put back into their aroused trance at the next flash and continue playing with their bodies and giggling.

The Flashmaster has them continue stripping each other, interrupted only by Scarlet spanking Invisible Woman's bare ass (another point when they are granted lucidity). Another flash and it's back in the trance where Invisible Woman spanks Scarlet in retribution.

Afterwards it's time for the girls to masturbate themselves and each other for the Flashmaster again experiencing periods of lucidity (featuring great scenes of rage and embarassment while fighting pleasure).

The heroines are then put to sleep and awoken some time later for more masturbation. They orgasm and are again returned to sleep.

The final scene shows the heroines in their new slutty outfits posing for the Flashmaster. They have been turned into prostitutes and leave his house to start turning tricks for him. Thus is the end of our intrepid heroines.

The two actresses do a great job alternating between entranced revelry and rage and embarassment. The orgasm scenes are really intense and the outfits at the end are really slutty. The dialog, while at times a little too obviously adlibbed is made up for during the scenes of lucidity when they seem genuinely angry and alternate between threats of sending him to jail and lamenting the end of their careers with such shocking photographs.

A must-see for fans of the humiliated heroine genre.

Let's imagine you're walking down the street and find $30 – or if you're in the UK like me, around £18

By BenStroke
Let's imagine you're walking down the street and find $30 – or if you're in the UK like me, around £18.66p. You think to yourself, “great! I can buy a few comic books,” and head to the local comic store, where thousands of titles await your selection.

You see a copy of an Avengers / Fantastic 4 team up book. It's in mint condition and costs $30. Next to it is a dog-eared version of the same thing, except on closer inspection, half the pages have been torn out and replaced with amateurish doodles. There is a faint aroma of unwashed pants.

This is the same vibe I got from watching this video, which at $29.95 doesn't represent great value when compared to similar, better-produced material available online, whether paid-for or not.

Instead, what this video has to offer is:

- a setting that looks like a guy's home office, complete with a blank whiteboard and dirty looking carpet, plus a sofa that probably smells of wet dog

- a mainly off-screen bad guy - The "Flashmaster" - whose power is setting off hypnotic camera flashes and talking a bit like Mr Plinkett. He gets the actresses to strip off their shoddy half-costumes for a bit of light horseplay and mutual / self-masturbation.

- A bewildering end sequence in which the actresses (after several trying segments in which they look like they've fallen asleep and the villain talks...and talks...) dress like hookers and go out to earn money for the Flashmaster. Because I guess the ultimate goal of all super-villains is to use their mind control powers to create small prostitution operations.

It takes at least 4 minutes for the actresses to even stand up from the couch they're on, which doesn't make for an interesting photoshoot. If the entire premise is that you have superheroes in a photographer's studio, why not (a) have them do some super poses and (b) put a fucking throw rug over that couch at the very least. The setting is as erotic as the inside of a hippopotamuses' ear.

The actresses are appealing enough in an amateurish kinda way, but there's not enough direction – they just meander and giggle around with a bit of boob grabbing, some lacklustre spanking and a little mutual masturbation. It's like a thirteen-year old's idea of what might be sexy, and about as well written and directed.

With an on-screen villain and some actual transitioning between scenes - plus a decent script - this might have been worth a glimpse, but I would begrudge paying more than $5-10 for it, even then.

The video quality is also not what I'd expect for such a high price (compared to similar titles elsewhere), and to only have it available in the antiquated RealMedia format was the final nail in the coffin for me. Not recommended.