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bvRCOZSbU9EDare you look at your other side? When Neil meets Heather it is love at first sight... They enjoy a whirlwind romance and revel in how happy they are... Until they run into Machlis... Parallel is an erotic and chilling psychological drama with a distinctly new approach and a killer twist!

Daniel Westwood – Roy - Macbeth
Faye Sewell – Heather - Sparrow
Alexander Cooper – Peter - The Imitation Game
Melissa Veszi – Anna - II
David Magowan – Neil - Dead Money
Francesca Sgrò – Rhianna - Vittima degli eventi
James Petherick – Stuart Fisher - Asylum
Alb An – John 
Brian Carter – Machlis - Closure

"A refreshing take on romantic drama and the paranormal...a great movie which shows a lot of promise for the future...dark, smart, sexy and fresh...has a lot to offer...features genuinely erotic of the rare films that understands what you need to do to make something genuinely sexy...dialogue is great almost across the board." - Ryan Cole,



Price: $4.99 USD
Date Released:2017.02.06

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$4.99 USD

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