A Wild Ride

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Male/male Fantasy. Down on his luck, alone in a great big world, no job, no future and no family to help him out, Nick spends his nights reading porn and watching videos of women dominating men. He dreams of serving a beautiful dominatrix, scantily dressed in sexy black leather, wielding a cruel whip. After answering an ad on Craig’s list for a night of “fun with ropes, whips and paddles”, he learns how deceptive people can be. There’s no sexy female, and NO fun at all! Nothing fun about a brutal flogging from a devout sadist; nothing fun about a cattle prod held to your testicles while hanging by your wrists from the ceiling; nothing fun when a heterosexual male is forced to suck a cock rather than eat pussy.

Nick’s journey through life just goes from bad to worse – every turn seems to be down an even rougher road, from drug dealers and pimps to sadistic killers and leather doms. And yet, somehow, he seems to persevere. This sadomasochistic tale includes, Male/male, consensual, abduction, nonconsensual, slavery, torture, oral and anal sex, bondage, chastity, masturbation, gags, paddling, water sports, hogties, caging, whipping, cattle prod, hood, and candle wax.


Price: $4.99 USD
Word Count:75312
Date Released:2018.02.23
Categories: Anal Sex, Gay Male, Oral Sex, Whipping

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$4.99 USD

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