Alice's New Wonderland

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Imagine Lewis Carroll’s pretty blonde heroine Alice Liddell, transplanted in time from her Victorian milieu to our rather more complicated era. Imagine she is the spoiled daughter of a minor Hollywood starlet too self-involved to give her only child the guidance she desperately needs. Our heroine has turned eighteen but misbehaved too badly to graduate high school, and is dumped with her handsome but stern step-uncle Christopher in London. She soon discovers that the lax ways in which she conducts her life are unacceptable to her strict Uncle and the martinet Headmistress of the school in which he places her. The grownups both believe that the best medicine for naughty young women is to have their skirts raised and panties lowered so that their bare bottoms can be soundly spanked. And indeed, Alice benefits enormously from their caring discipline, righting her course and secretly coming to appreciate the painful attention accorded her perfect cheerleader’s buttocks. Christopher’s girlfriend Diana provides valuable advice and counsel to her perplexed partner in understanding his charge, but the gorgeous brunette is overtly fascinated by Alice’s corporal punishment, and ends up over Christopher’s strong lap, which releases a volcano of untapped erotic fervor unlocked by the painful ordeal.

But all good things must come to an end, and Alice is enrolled in a strict convent-based women’s college in Switzerland. There the salacious nuns carry on the same disciplinary philosophy, with many additional sexual attentions that irrevocably link addictive erotic pleasure to painful attention to her backside. Meanwhile, Christopher and Diana marry, and the new bride soon plumbs the depths of her own deep need to be punished. By the end of the honeymoon, the besotted bride happily embraces her unusual marriage, and couple settles into a blissfully kinky life. All is well for several years. Then Alice, having completed her business degree and working in high finance, finds her impulsive ways have returned since she left school and regular discipline behind. Gambling debts lead to embezzlement until in desperation she throws herself on the mercy of her Uncle Chris, whose connections got her the job. All decide that the flustered 22 year-old’s rescue must be contingent on her moving in with her Aunt and Uncle, where she’ll be subjected to an emergency total immersion disciplinary treatment. Almost endless extremely naughty adventures ensue. Contains maledom with some femdom, femsub, spanking, anal play, breast and pussy torment, mainly hetero with some lesbian action.


Price: $5.99 USD
Word Count:76715
Date Released:2018.02.24

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$5.99 USD

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