All For Love: The Odyssey of a Submissive

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I had always had my secret life, the thoughts I kept buried even from myself except at night in bed when solitary lust overcame me.
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I had always had my secret life, the thoughts I kept buried even from myself except at night in bed when solitary lust overcame me. I'd never acknowledged them to any man, and I never intended to. I reasoned that if a man knew what I was like, deep down, he'd despise me for being a filthy little whore. With the click of the handcuff snapped around her thin wrist, Anna's deep dark secret comes to life. A chance meeting has introduced her to the Dominant Roland, and he quickly, systematically, trains the naturally submissive Anna into being his perfect slut. They experiment with bondage, spanking, anal sex, nipple play, orgasm control, intimate interrogations and rituals of submissive humiliation. His complete control of her gives Anna the sexual satisfaction she's always desired; while his need to hurt her is as strong as her need to submit. But Anna's submission has only begun. Joining them is Belinda, a submissive on loan from her master. The two women develop a quick attraction and soon have sex - without Roland's permission, earning them a uniquely diabolical punishment they won't soon forget. Later, when a young and handsome 'Dom in training' is added to the trio, Roland finds that he must keep a tight rein on their flagrant passions. While Roland's dominion over Anna seems unshakable, an unexpected new twist in their relationship forces a new level of submission on Anna, challenging the fast bond with the master she loves. Immensely sensual and sexually creative S&M erotica; great reading for fans of supremely dominant men and females in training. The novel's graphic content includes, spanking, caning, bondage with rope, scarves, cuffs and collars; lingerie, corsets, clamps, gags and punishment devices; interrogation, public submission, shaving, as well as lots of titillating sex - oral, anal, lesbian and straight.


Price: $3.99 USD
Date Released:2013.03.04
Categories: Anal Sex, BDSM, Caning, Oral Sex, Punishment, Spanking

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$3.99 USD

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