Behavioral Modification: Lessons From Constancia Island

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Behavioral Modification: Lessons from Constancia Island by Chris Bellows

What does a woman of dominance do with a husband whose strong need to submit leads to infidelity? Consult with the American Society for Behavior Modification, of course.

After a trying business trip, Mrs Dalton returns home to find that her submissive husband has strayed. Hiring a professional dominatrix to satisfy his needs, he is caught in the most comprising of positions. It will be the last time. Mrs. Dalton learns there is an opening for training at Constancia Island, the exotic tropical isle owned by Lady Constance and long used as the facility of last resort for protecting the public from incorrigible young males. Whisked away on the next flight to the Caribbean, the following morning, Mr. Dalton finds himself barraged by dominant females and immersed into a program of training, grueling physical duress and torment, and deep psychological transformation. The physical modifications of the demented Dr. Helga Reinhold, and the mental programming of the sage Dr. Stella Corrothers soon have Mr. Dalton existing for no other purpose than to please women.

In returning to the unbridled female supremacy of Constancia Island, Chris Bellows engages the reader in a riveting tale of extreme depravity on the part of dominant women who utilize whips, crops, canes, extreme restraint, CBT, electro stimulation, pony carts, and body modification to achieve the ultimate in male submission.


Price: $2.99 USD
Word Count:48208
Date Released:2013.09.19
Categories: Caning, CBT, Erotica, Ponyplay, Whipping

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$2.99 USD

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