Catherine Rules, A Femdom Novel

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Catherine Rules, A Femdom Novel by King Key

Tall, gorgeous and very Dominant, Catherine Roman is the CEO of a large New York bank. When she summons her underling, Frank Prince, he finds himself so seduced by the woman that he cums in his pants, after which his clothes are stolen and he's locked in a room with nothing to wear but Catherine's clothes: a 'girdle' (his fetish) stockings, dress and shoes. While he's stunned by her erotic power, and even craves the rough punishment he endures for her pleasure, he balks at her plans to make him her dutiful 'wife'.

But, not to be deterred, Catherine fires him from the bank and has him blacklisted from other banks - just so he'll come back to her. Later, when his former assistant Suki Swisher, a cute sexy competitor at the bank, calls to tell him that Catherine has forgiven him, he's duped into returning to Mrs. Roman's home. Oh! But Suki pulls a fast one on poor Frank! Once she has him shackled, he discovers that he now belongs to Honey Bates, not Catherine, a buxom, blonde Dominatrix who has been implicated in a murder. Suki takes off having made a fat profit on her ingenious deal.

Honey quickly turns Frank into her 'in-house whore', earning his keep by servicing her woman friends in any way they desire. Oddly enough, Frank's first customer is Mrs. Roman. Soon, a spirited game is on between the two Dommes who seek to control the bewildered submissive male for their own ends. While his worship of the divine Catherine grips him hard, Honey manages to transform him into 'a spasmodic, ecstatic animal completely at her mercy.' Trouble is: Honey's smothering comfort comes with BIG financial prices, and Catherine demands a level of personal submission that's difficult for this hesitant sub.

A fascinating story with lots of twists and turns, an unsolved murder, a gun-wielding villain and a wide range of kinky sexual torments for a submissive male with an insatiable appetite for the Dominant Female. Includes bondage, whipping, humiliation, dungeon-play, ball-gags, cuffs, ice, feminization, fetish clothes, boots, foot worship, as well as straight, anal, oral, and strap-on sex.


Price: $7.00 USD
Word Count:57367
Date Released:2013.09.26
Categories: Anal Sex, BDSM, Cosplay, Erotica, Feet, Femdom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Whipping

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$7.00 USD

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