Catherine, The Matriarch

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Catherine Roman ritually whipped her husband, Peter, each night when he  presided over Savings and Trust Bank in upstate New York. He was her lamb  at home and a ferocious lion at the bank – executing her orders. She quietly  ruled Savings and Trust without anyone faintly suspecting her. But on one  crisp fall night in 2002, after Catherine lashed Peter mercilessly, she doled out  a sexual treat, and he had a heart attack…fulfilling his dream of dying in her  arms, making love to her. Catherine genuinely grieved her husband’s passing,  but knew she must find a successor to head the bank, another man to worship  her and carry out her decrees, because she doubted the bank directors would  accept her, or any woman, as the CEO. This time, however, she would capture  a male wife and completely control him to do her dirty work and coddle her,  even when she abused and humiliated him. 

These featured stories follows Catherine as she reigns over her new world.

Includes bondage, whipping, humiliation, dungeon-play, ball-gags, cuffs, ice, feminization, fetish clothes, boots, foot worship, as well as straight, anal, oral, and strap-on sex.


Price: $13.50 USD
Date Released:2015.01.15
Categories: Anal Sex, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Whipping

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$13.50 USD

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