Caught, Taught, Tamed & Trained

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Caught, Taught,Tamed & Trained, More Slut Boy Stories by Lance Edwards

Kinky stories of men restrained by sexy bitches and voluptuous beauties, sure to delight readers looking for graphic, no-holds barred Femdom erotica. Featuring extreme bondage, female worship, fisting, caging, discipline, punishment, humiliation, pet training, feminization, chastity, milking, enemas, strap-on anal sex, forced M/m and so much more!

He's just turned eighteen and suddenly he's the Teacher's Pet - stripped, humiliated and forced to learn some painful lessons from the gorgeous, half-naked Mistress Super Bitch. Then Melissa's Alaska looks like paradise to this once unlucky boy. That is until she tells him: "You're going to spend every last second of the rest of your life bound up tight, naked and helpless and (hopefully) miserably suffering in, or right above, your beautiful Goddess' wonderful bed."

He's in for A Rousing Reunion with his Mistress when the sexy coed takes her Slut Boy with a strap on, then forces him to watch as she's repeatedly taken by three black studs. Then in Doggie Stylin' this hapless husband is turned into his Mistress/wife's French Poodle, Fluffy - caged, muzzled and well-used by her nasty female friends.

After an unfortunate car accident, this slut boy is forced to endure a Really Bad Rehab of enemas, milking and female worship, under the expert care of the irresistible Nurse Heidi Hanson. And in A Family Affair, when a young submissive male moves in with his girlfriend, he learns he'll be serving not only his sexy Mistress, but her mom and sisters too! Finally, when slut boy's wife Kori finds out about his secret kink, she plans to make his disgusting dreams come true. The Birthday Boy will become a sissy slut for a half dozen big black men.

A collection you won't want to miss! As these luckless submissive males are turned into sluts, sissys, slavish pets, painsluts and caged toys by luscious Mistresses they can't resist.


Price: $6.00 USD
Word Count:52542
Date Released:2013.09.26
Categories: Anal Sex, BDSM, Caged, Degradation, Dominance and Submission, Erotica, Femdom, Fisting

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$6.00 USD

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