Confessions of a Dream Whore

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In the future, the world falls into a patriarchal society, where women are delegated into menial roles to oblige the men.  A new invention is created to serve the Seniors, the ruling class, a monitor which allows them to connect with a beautiful woman and experience lurid, sexual dreams with her.


Fiery Tempest is one such woman. She rebels against her fate, all the while knowing that worse awaits her should she fail in her duties. Existing only to serve the Seniors, she despairs of ever living a full, normal life. Only her lover, Kitten, brings her any happiness.


When an accident befalls Kitten, Tempest realizes that she can no longer live this way. And when she’s introduced to a new Senior, Joaquin Randolph, and her cold heart begins to thaw. Is it possible that he’ll save her from bondage, or is she condemned to a life of sexual servitude, existing only to fulfill the will of powerful men?

Includes: male domination, anal sex, oral sex, bondage


Price: $6.50 USD
Word Count:51044
Date Released:2015.06.16
Categories: Anal Sex, Male Domination, Oral Sex

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$6.50 USD

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