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Conspiracy by Laertes

Laertes is a leading writer of short erotic fiction. He now brings his rich, arousing storytelling to bear in novel form with ‘Conspiracy’, a smörgåsbord of sexual delights wrapped in political intrigue.

It is the mid 27th century, and the colony of Asalia on the outer edges of the universe has chosen a new Protector, Culin’a. After three hundred years of increasingly restrictive legislation, she has been elected on a policy of returning society to the fundamental principles of the Founders – absolute sexual freedom where anything goes… anything! There is an air of excited anticipation throughout the colony, but all is not as it seems.

The early death of the previous Protector has left his senior advisor, S’Tantos, without power, without privilege, and an outlaw. He schemes his return, with the assistance of three women – a naïve student eagerly devouring each new sexual experience, a young nun educated in the erotic arts of her religion, and a highly experienced mistress without compare. But what they reveal in the process is a conspiracy of immense proportions that they cannot ignore.

If they are to defeat this threat to the very existence of Asalia, then, in a colony predicated on sex, sex will have to be their main weapon. Sex as education, as torture, as persuasion, as currency, as seduction, as ceremony, and as nuclear option, but always as ultimate pleasure.

A feast of M/F, F/F, multiple partners, oral sex, hand sex, futuristic sex toys, sex games, discipline, whipping, pain, male submission, female submission, group sex, public sex, and ceremonial sex.


Price: $7.00 USD
Word Count:42838
Date Released:2013.10.01
Categories: BDSM, Dominance and Submission, Erotica, Exhibitionism, Femdom, Oral Sex, Punishment, Threesome, Whipping

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$7.00 USD

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