Penance Corporation of America III: Forced To Serve

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Will Antoinette De La Corte Be Freed?
The cruelly dominant and one time unscrupulous federal prosecutor, Antoinette De La Corte is being secretly held within the walls of the Penance Corporation. Masked, pierced, forcibly fattened and impregnated, the once physically imposing dominatrix is subjected to unusual interrogations by Judge Patricia Wilmot, who desperately needs to gain control over Antoinette's future and that of her child.

All she needs is Judge William Dennison's signature on the appropriate document. But Judge Dennison's career is also at stake. Like Patricia, he too had once been subject to Antoinette's cruel domination. And a vault full of video tapes has enough incriminating evidence to destroy them both. Suddenly, Judge Dennison is receiving phone calls from a mysterious older female who demands that he investigate Antoinette's current plight. Though her cunning manipulation, the Judge finds himself subject to her demands, with his cock locked in a irremovable chastity cage. Not until the naturally subservient "Willie" - as he was known years ago - provides her with the information she seeks will his cock be freed - if then!

While forced to serve this mysterious female, Judge Dennison reveals the shocking details of his subservient relationship with Antoinette De La Corte, who took cruel pleasure in the torture and humiliation of the young 'Willie'. Now his past as come back to haunt him. Judge Dennison once again finds himself the pawn of dominant women, all of whom have a compelling interest in Antoinette De La Corte, all of whom delight in turning him into their latest victim as he's properly stripped, bound, abused and made to slavishly serve their every demented whim.

Bondage, caning, forced chastity, CBT, feminization, puppy training, humiliation, milking, piercing, plus unbridled female dominance and debasing male subjugation. A thoughtful, intricately woven plot along with lustful D/s interaction makes this another provocative read from the pen of Chris Bellows.

Penance Corporation, III: Forced To Serve can be enjoyed independently of Books I & II.


Price: $7.00 USD
Word Count:49384
Date Released:2013.10.23
Categories: BDSM, CBT, Degradation, Dominance and Submission, Erotica, Femdom, Humiliation, Nudity, Punishment, Storyline

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$7.00 USD

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