Secret Mascot

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Secret Mascot by Lance Edwards

From Lance Edwards the guru of ferocious Femdom titles such as, Twelve Steps to Hell, Dangerous Redemption and Nursing A Grievance, comes a stunning, new interracial tale of twisted Femdom delights!

Once he caught sight of the vivacious Dani Reilly, he molded his life around her. Applying and being accepted at the college she is a celebrated soccer star at. Facebook-friending her. Meeting her after a game to get her autograph, trying to be inconspicuous. Finally taking classes with her.

After a time, he finds himself paired up with the stunningly beautiful black woman in one of their classes together. He finds that she has problems in subjects he excels in, so he takes the time to start working with her, hoping all along he can convince the gorgeous beauty to be more than friends.

Rather than study the college subject at hand, Dani finds this young man a willing participant in complete and utter subjugation. She wheedles information from him about how long he’s dreamed of her and beat off to her image. Soon she plans to take him and pass him around her soccer team that is filled with man-hating, raging lesbians that can’t wait to take their pound of flesh out of him.

Dani quickly moves into his house, takes over his finances, and starts the process of completely dominating his every move and waking thought. Hoping that Dani was falling in love with him and they can be a regular couple, he does everything she demands. She dons a large dildo and takes him anally, the only way Dani will have sex with her slut-boy.

Will Dani ever accept her Slut-Boy, honky as a man or suppress his feelings completely? Can her Slut-Boy stand up to her punishment and that of her teammates?

Includes: Female Domination, bondage, dildoes, the infamous feeldoe, electro-stimulation, and everything else you expect from Lance Edwards!


Price: $8.00 USD
Word Count:116515
Date Released:2013.10.24
Categories: Anal Sex, BDSM, Big Tits, CBT, CFNM, Erotica, Femdom, Gangbang, Humiliation

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$8.00 USD

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