Southern Exposure

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Southern Exposure by Lizbeth Dusseau


Sean McDonough makes no apologies for spanking bratty and deserving women. As head of a research team to the South Pacific, he makes certain his newest team member, Lauren Elliot, knows the truth about his old-fashioned attitudes. The liberal-minded Lauren is soon obsessed by the unwelcome thought of being spanked by this handsome and virile professor. It’s not long before she’s over the man’s knee for defying his orders. Trying to divert this miserable desire, she takes up with another team member, Patrick, who invents a host of delightful punishments for her wanting bottom. And yet, it’s Sean McDonough who remains the object of her fascination.


Price: $6.00 USD
Word Count:42746
Date Released:2015.04.21
Categories: Anal Sex, Erotica, Humiliation, Male Domination, Oral Sex, Punishment, Spanking

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$6.00 USD

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