The Decision, A Femdom Novel

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The Decision, A Femdom by Chris Bellows


The fabulously wealthy Genevieve Templeton Von Kraft acquires a strapping young male, Nicholas Strothers, to be presented to her daughter for her eighteenth birthday. But there is a decision to be made...should the human gift serve neutered or intact? Thus, the male subordinate must suffer the utmost in female caprice...lying stripped naked while his teenaged owner judges whether to snip or not to snip. While awaiting the decision, Nicholas Strothers is subjected to the ultimate in psychological duress...not knowing whether his maleness will survive. The Decision, A Femdom by Chris Bellows


Bizarre medical procedures assure that Nicholas Strothers fully understands that his new owner is in earnest. Intense suggestioning and indoctrination videos assure he will adequately fulfill his role. Being afforded the opportunity to beg and grovel to save his prized male possessions assures that he will entertain his owners and tending handlers.


Bondage, sensory deprivation, extreme scenes of body modification, profound humiliation, moderate pony play, strong scenes of medical control, all combine to make this graphic tale most entertaining for the afficionado of feminine dominance.


The asylum staff has once again permitted Chris Bellows to utilize the wordprocessor. The result is a typically lurid Bellows' fantasy with extremely dominant females tormenting hapless males. Readers will find the ending to be prepared to make a decision of your own.


Price: $6.00 USD
Word Count:44598
Date Released:2015.04.21
Categories: Body Modification, Humiliation, Ponyplay

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$6.00 USD

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