The Entrapped

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The Entrapped by Chris Bellows

In a most entertaining story line, Chris Bellows reveals the wickedness of the Dominant female in a tale of duplicity and intrigue as women of power ensnare unwitting males in traps mandating sacrifice... of money... of male pride... of all self esteem.  

Robert Warren, transformed to Renee, becomes an agent for a brazen unscrupulous extortionist, boldly extracting funds from the criminally wealthy. But the traps are many, and readers will be entertained as the superior female both reigns and outwits, the hapless protagonist Renee being doubly duped.  

Bondage, medical scenes, body modification, extreme Female dominance, male on male interaction, not for the homophobic male reader.


Price: $6.50 USD
Word Count:51449
Date Released:2015.04.21
Categories: Body Modification

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$6.50 USD

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