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Fun-loving Melanie Sweetwater has made a career out of bartering her sexual self in exchange for all manner of goods and services. But will the house of her dreams come with too high a price-tag even for her? After all, how much can one woman give?
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Melanie Sweetwater is a kind-hearted, fun-loving young woman who lives life on her terms. Those terms just happen to be a bit on the naughty side. She has spent her life availing herself and her beautiful body to any man who happens to have something to offer that she happens to want.

Wear the right miniskirt when buying shoes ... and, whoops, suddenly they're half off! Do a strip show for the men at the car dealership ... wow, talk about a steal of a deal on a hot set of wheels! Let the baker knead her buns for a moment ... walk out with a veritable sack full of goodies. No matter what the transaction, Melanie walks away titillated and with a good feeling to know that she can make so many men very happy!

But when Melanie decides to barter her booty in exchange for a a good price on the house of her dreams, she discovers the hard way that she may have crossed to line into dangerous territory. Real estate agent and a perverted pig of a man, Mike Gordon, along with a group of equally shady wheeler-dealers offer Melanie a $300,000 markdown on the most gorgeous home she's ever seen ... in exchange for a weekend at his vacation lodge, along with his four partners in sleaze, where Melanie must avail herself to them in any way they request, no matter how degrading it may be.

Melanie starts to have second, third, and fourth thoughts about fulfilling her contractual obligations with the men -- especially when the action heats up beyond even her ability to handle. Although she vows to just go through with it, she may have gotten herself into a situation above and beyond her control.

Perhaps one of the men, one who knows an intriguing secret from Melanie's past, will step forward and offer Melanie a deal that is a whole lot sweeter than the one she made the mistake of getting into -- one that may even bring her to close the very long and lustful chapter of her life as the "Bartering Queen of Southern Utah"!

WARNING: This 22,000-word erotic story contains adult language and scenes of a sexual nature. It is intended for mature readers, 18 years of age or older.


Price: $2.99 USD
Date Released:2017.12.15

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$2.99 USD

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