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A gorgeous, young corporate hiree is “trained” by her new boss to follow orders to the letter—beginning with what could only be described as the sleaziest, most humiliating and degrading version of Simon Says ever.
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When Angela Martin is hired by Guardian Trust, one of the largest banking/investment companies in the world, she's thrilled about the shockingly high salary she's been offered.

But when she meets the company CEO, Derek Michaels, for the first time she comes to learn two things very quickly: 1. That her work for the company includes offering herself its executives and clients in any manner they wish, and 2) That she will follow her boss' orders immediately and without question.

Michaels decides to "train" her, right then and there, with a session of what can only be described as: the world's sleaziest, most degrading and humiliating game of "Simon Says" ever. He follows this up with additional training in the art of submission, compliance, and much more!

WARNING: This 6,400-word erotic story contains rough sex, lewd behavior, and scenes of dominance and submission between a powerful male corporate executive and his gorgeous, young new employee. It is intended for mature readers, 18 years of age or older.

This is Book 1 in J.C.'s newest series: "Professional Perverts" -- five saucy and sleazy tales for anyone who enjoys reading about hot and submissive females finding themselves at the mercy of hot and dirty-minded men who exploit their positions of professional power in order to have their way with these submissive and "booty-full" lovelies! Ethical, these professionals are not!


Price: $0.99 USD
Date Released:2017.12.13

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