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When an ass-addicted attorney coerces his doctor friend to let him pose as a doctor and examine the gluteal goodies of his hottest young female patient, he quickly finds the tables—exam tables, that is—turned on him!
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Attorney Nate Bishop is an ass-addict of the highest order. He craves curvy female rear ends the way a banker craves foreclosures. And it has been his life's dream to give a beautiful bottom a feeling-up it would never forget. So when his friend, a doctor, calls in desperate need of his legal services, Nate offers to take his case for free -- with the stipulation that he be allowed to pose as a doctor and probe his most gorgeous patient, Becky.

Becky, Nate has been told, was blessed with the most beautiful bottom known to man and this sleazy attorney would like nothing more than to get his hands on -- and his fingers in -- this adorable creature's caboose.

In the end, Nate is treated to the dream of a lifetime -- Becky's bountiful behind ... but not without having the tables -- exam tables, that is -- turned on him!

WARNING: This 7,500-word story contains mature subject matter, graphic language, vaginal/anal fingering involving a butt-crazed attorney who poses as a doctor in order to have the opportunity of feel up and finger a gorgeous young woman in possession of what is reputedly one of the world's most curvaceous and beautiful asses. It involves exploitation and domination over a most submissive sweet young thing in a very tasty and titillating way! Intended for mature readers 18+ only!

"Doctor for a Day" is Book 2 in J.C.'s newest series: "Professional Perverts" -- five saucy and sleazy tales for anyone who enjoys reading about hot and submissive females finding themselves at the mercy of hot and dirty-minded men who exploit their positions of professional power in order to have their way with these submissive and "booty-full" lovelies! Ethical, these professionals are not!


Price: $0.99 USD
Date Released:2017.12.13

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