Naughty Men at Work series: 6-Book Bundle

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For your naughty reading pleasure, here are 6 erotic tales of hot and not-so-ethical men who use their professional status and positions of authority in order to have their way with the hot and not-so-worldly female beauties who hire their services!
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These stories include domination and submission, steamy sex of all kinds, "sexploitation" of young and not-so-young women, frisking, fondling, fingering, and even a touch of scintillating romance. They are written to engage your fantasy-hungry mind and bring out the appreciation of naughtiness we all crave!

This 6-story bundle contains:

Book 1: My Very Naughty Piano Teacher
When gorgeous female students are lax in their practicing, they may find out that their sexy teacher's piano and bench have other non-musical uses...both painful and very pleasurable.

Book 2: My Very Naughty Doctor
She hates going to her gynecologist...more than most middle-aged women in fact. So imagine her surprise when her next exam takes place in a college classroom of gawking and horny young interns and puts her quivering body through more embarrassment than any woman could possibly endure...and ultimately more ecstasy!

Book 3: My Very Naughty Handyman
When a horny young woman sees her new handyman strut his gorgeous, well-muscled stuff into her home she embarks on a campaign of teasing, torment, and temptation that may ultimately go too far -- even with a work-focused professional like the one she hired. A carpenter's sawhorse can, indeed, come in handy at times...

Book 4: My Very Naughty Therapist
When a touch-starved young woman comes to her hot new therapist for help, she receives a touch-heavy therapy session like none she's ever had before. Immersion therapy to the hilt!

Book 5: My Very Naughty Photographer
A camera-shy high school senior, just turned 18, finds out that posing can be fun -- if it's for the right photographer -- even if most of the pictures wind up more suited for a men's magazine than her school yearbook.

Book 6: My Very Naughty Designer
It's a good thing that Heather's hot, new wardrobe designer is gay... otherwise the way he fondles and gropes her body with his hands and measuring tape might come off as highly unethical. But, then, her new outfits sure are tempting...

These six steamy stories depict, in juicy detail, what could very well be the best jobs any healthy and not-so-ethical workingman could ever hope for! As for the women who pay them, they get far more than their money's worth! But these truly juicy tales are too taboo for any further details to be shown here!


Price: $0.99 USD
Date Released:2018.01.11

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