Professional Perverts series: 5-book bundle

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Here are 5 sleazy tales featuring hot, submissive females who find themselves at the mercy of certain dirty-minded men who exploit their positions of professional power in order to have their way with these lovelies! Ethical, these pros are not!
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This 5-book bundle contains:

Book 1: Boss' Orders
When Angela Martin is hired by Guardian Trust, one of the largest banking/investment companies in the world, she's thrilled about the shockingly high salary she's been offered. But when she meets the company CEO, Derek Michaels, for the first time she comes to learn two things very quickly: 1. That her work for the company includes her offering herself to its executives and clients in any manner they wish, and 2) That she will follow her boss' orders immediately and without question. Michaels decides to "train" her, right then and there, with a session of what can only be described as: the world's sleaziest, most degrading and humiliating game of "Simon Says" ever. He follows this up with additional training in the art of submission, compliance, and much more!

Book 2: Doctor for a Day
Attorney Nate Bishop is an ass-addict of the highest order. He craves curvy female rear ends the way a banker craves foreclosures. And it has been his life's dream to give a beautiful bottom a feeling-up it would never forget. So when his friend, a doctor, calls in desperate need of his legal services, Nate offers to take his case for free -- with the stipulation that he be allowed to pose as a doctor, at his office, and probe his most gorgeous patient, Becky. Becky, Nate has been told, was blessed with the most beautiful bottom known to man and this sleazy attorney would like nothing more than to get his hands on -- and his fingers in -- this adorable creature's caboose. In the end, Nate is treated to the dream of a lifetime -- Becky's bountiful behind ... but not without having the tables -- exam tables, that is -- turned on him!

Book 3: The Lawyer, the Virgin and the Strip Search
Sweet and curvy Kelli Green finds herself at the office of attorney Sam Archer. She's seeking help in bringing to justice a sleazy border guard who had performed an unethical cavity search on her. Little does she know that Sam Archer is, in fact, a bigger pervert than the border guard!

Book 4: The Doctor's Twin Brother
Drop-out and lifelong loser, Mick Sloan, is so ever-loving jealous of his super-successful brother, Prescott, that he just can't stand it. Prescott is an Army doctor who spends his days giving gyno exams to nubile young female recruits. Mick, a pervert since kindergarten, would, of course, like nothing better than to have a chance to do the very same thing! So he devises a clever but nasty scheme in order to frisk, fondle, and finger one young female recruit after another. Alas, things don't work out the way Mick's dirty mind has been hoping. But in the end (literally!) they work out even better!

Book 5: The Unpaid Mechanic

In this high-speed and lusty tale, Jesse, an auto-mechanic of great renown, wins big at Powerball. Now, with tens of millions at his disposal, he decides to close up shop and retire...well, mostly. He will still work on cars, but only those belonging to beautiful young ladies who simply cannot afford his very over-inflated rates. Having just used some of his winnings on the Ferrari of his dreams, he takes his non-paying customers on the rides of their more ways than one. It's the life dreams are made of. That is, until Jesse meets Allura, a woman of incredible beauty and wealth, and one who owns a car even better than his. She's also one of the coldest, meanest women he's ever known. Maybe a little 200-mph ride in the country, followed by extreme sex on the hood of her hot wheels will cool her off. Then again, it might just heat her up even more!

These five steamy stories depict, in juicy detail, what could very well be the best jobs any healthy and dirty-minded man could ever hope for! And they are too taboo for any further details to be shown here!


Price: $2.99 USD
Date Released:2018.01.11

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