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A Powerball-winning mechanic begins offering his services—and rides in his new Lamborgini—for free…but only to the hottest and most willing babes who come into his shop. “So you get this work for zip, and I get you on the hood of this machine! Deal?”
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In this high-speed and lusty tale, Jesse, an auto-mechanic of great renown, wins big at Powerball. Now, with tens of millions at his disposal, he decides to close up shop and retire...well, mostly. He will still work on cars, but only those belonging to beautiful young ladies who simply cannot afford his very over-inflated rates. Having just used some of his winnings on the Ferrari of his dreams, he takes his non-paying customers on the rides of their more ways than one. It's the life dreams are made of. That is, until Jesse meets Allura, a woman of incredible beauty and wealth, and one who owns a car even better than his. She's also one of the coldest, meanest women he's ever known. Maybe a little 200-mph ride in the country, followed by extreme sex on the hood of her hot wheels will cool her off. Then again, it might just heat her up even more!

WARNING: This 11,000-word story contains scenes of sex and anal sex between a horny mechanic and his beautiful customers. It is intended for mature audiences only.

"The Unpaid Mechanic" is Book 5 in J.C.'s newest series: "Professional Perverts" -- five saucy and sleazy tales for anyone who enjoys reading about hot and submissive females finding themselves at the mercy of hot and dirty-minded men who exploit their positions of professional power in order to have their way with these submissive and "booty-full" lovelies! Ethical, these professionals are not!



Price: $2.99 USD
Date Released:2017.12.14

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$2.99 USD

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