The Doctor's Twin Brother

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Mick Sloan is so jealous of his twin brother, an army doc whose job is examining the privates of cute female recruits, he can’t stand it! So, he devises a nasty plan to take his place and get his horny hands all over every sweet, young hottie he can!
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Drop-out and lifelong loser, Mick Sloan, is so ever-loving jealous of his super-successful brother, Prescott, that he just can't stand it. Prescott is an Army doctor who spends his days giving gyno exams to nubile young female recruits. Mick, a pervert since kindergarten, would, of course, like nothing better than to have a chance to do the very same thing!

So he devises a clever but nasty scheme where he locks Prescott out of action for a while, steals his uniform, and arrives at the base ready, willing, and able to feel, fondle, and finger one young hottie after another.

Only, of course, if things go according to Mick's plan... Perhaps, in the end, they just may go better!

WARNING! This 7,000-word erotic story contains adult language, oral sex, and anal sex and is intended for mature readers, 18 years of age or older.

"The Doctor's Twin Brother" is Book 4 in J.C.'s newest series: "Professional Perverts" -- five saucy and sleazy tales for anyone who enjoys reading about hot and submissive females finding themselves at the mercy of hot and dirty-minded men who exploit their positions of professional power in order to have their way with these submissive and "booty-full" lovelies! Ethical, these professionals are not!


Price: $0.99 USD
Date Released:2017.12.13

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