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Kaitlyn asks her best friend Cynthia to flirt with her boyfriend October to see if he can be trusted. Soon after, Cynthia and October are lovers.
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Kaitlyn asks her best friend Cynthia - Cyn - to flirt with her boyfriend October to see if he will flirt back and to see if he's faithful. And he's not. Neither is Cyn. Cyn and October begin a steamy affair and must figure out a way to confess their betrayal to Kaitlyn, and it won't be easy because Cyn has fallen madly in love with October. And although October appears to be the perfect guy, he has some dark secrets that will come back to haunt Cyn.


Price: $0.99 USD
Date Released:2017.04.14

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By juanmchaos

I must kick myself for not reading this book sooner. The title always stuck on my mind,"Trusting October", by Juan Mendez Scott. I said I was going to read it but time went pass til one day I decided to look it up to see what the book was about. I must tell you it was a real treat to have. I could not let that book down from my eyesight. All I can say is that it was three close friends and Kaitlin had a proposition for her best friend Cyn, to test to see if her man - October - was faithful or not and only one them didn't take the bait. For the two who did, you must get this book took to see what happen. What you might have thought would happen it didn't. It was a whole new twist in itself. I mean, I was caught off guard. I recommend that you get this book and know that you will not be disappointed. It gets deeper than deep. Much love to you, Mr. Scott. You represented all the way through. Tell me it's going to be a part 2. That's all I can say.