Inconsiderate Roommate

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Alecia learns a painful lesson when she bitches out her lazy roommate
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Blonde bombshell Alecia comes home to find her couch-potatoe roommate lounging about as usual and proceeds to bitch him out over his laziness and TV domination.

In response to her criticism, her roommate decides to put her in her place by administering a spanking. Her apologies and pleas are ignored as her sexy ass turns right red.

Full of verbal humiliation and stripping, Alecia soon learns how to obey and is finished off by being placed over the knee and forced to count each spanking. She heads off, naked and shamed, to clean the apartment and make her roommate some food.


Price: $8.99 USD
Date Released:2013.03.20
Categories: Blonde, Humiliation, Nudity, OTK, Spanking

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$8.99 USD

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