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Samara learns a painful lesson when she spends too much time in chatrooms
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Samara is goofing off in chatrooms when her boyfriend comes home. Upset that she is once again chatting with other men while he is out working to support her and provide her with Internet access, he forbids her chatting. The spoiled Samara counters by saying "you're not the boss of me", which quickly leads to a punishment to teach her just who the boss really is.

It starts with Samara being bent over the desk and spanked fully clothed, her tramp stamp exposed above her waist line. Her shirt and bra are removed despite her protestations. After some more spanking her pants are pulled down to inspect the redness of her ass, and her pink panties are pulled up into her ass crack to expose her cheeks for additional spanking.

After further lectures and spanking her ass cheeks are glowing red. She's stripped of her panties and put over the office chair where her punishment continues.

A yardstick is brought out to further teach her a lesson and get her compliance in terms of the rules about chatting. He switches to her hairbrush and then finally puts her over his knee to further drive the point home, making her count each spank.

Once it's clear that Samara understands who the boss is, she's thrown out of the room, completely nude and very sore.


Price: $5.99 USD
Date Released:2013.05.01
Categories: Nudity, OTK, Punishment, Spanking

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