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About NiCheng

My name is NiCheng and I am the mythical founder of Mall of Erotica.

I am an erotica enthusiast and a talented developer who decided that after years of seeing other people make money off my work I would throw my hat into the adult website ring and build an awesome erotica site.

And here we are.

In addition to building this website I also plan to create custom erotica for Mall of Erotica. I am enrolled in Red River College's Professional Photography program to develop my photography skills.

To read about my experiences with creating and working on Mall of Erotica, check out my blog Lost in the Mall: An Erotic Journey.

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Mall of Erotica Productions

Erotica produced by and for Mall of Erotica

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SwagMall StaffYou are a Mall of Erotica Staff Member2012-03-095.00
SwagMall RatYou Joined Mall of Erotica!2012-03-090.50
SwagShopkeeperYou opened your 1st store!2012-03-091.00
SwagLinnaeanYou created 10 approved categories!2013-01-061.00
SwagPhysical Product SellerI can ship!2013-06-180.35
SwagScript WriterAdded by Mall of Erotica staff2014-04-210.00

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